cosplay costumes are offered by a professional team. They own extreme similarities and are sold on reasonable prices, let alone free shipping. The following are cosplay costumes for Monkey D Luffy and Roronoa Zoro. They make you feel like the same with your favorite role in those virtual games or comics.

The one piece cosplay costume for Luffy contains a red overcoat, a red short shirt and a pair of blue pants. All details are covered here, including all clothes, belts, buttons, shawl and the special designs on the shoulder. Cosplay costumes for Roronoa Zoro are simpler. You can wear the white-and-blue shirt with the black pants for daily commutation. Special offers are also found here. Some shirts and pants are also sold separately. So you can create the look with some of your own ideas. Then, it’s time for you to select a wig. Yes, you really don’t need to dye or cut your hair. Only pick out a ready-made wig. Put it on; you can bring out the look you expect quickly. Now, take a look please.

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