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Temps d’Expédition:
Livraison Rapide 3-5 Jour Ouvré.

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Prix Habituel: €105.28
Prix du Forfait: €100.70
  • Soul Eater Blair Cosplay Costume
  • Soul Eater Blair Cosplay Chaussures
Prix Habituel: €91.29
Prix du Forfait: €88.54
  • Soul Eater Blair Cosplay Perruque
  • Soul Eater Blair Cosplay Costume
Prix Habituel: €62.98
Prix du Forfait: €61.15

Détails du produit

tissu uniforme
Articles inclus:
robe, manchettes, chapeau, chaussettes, jupon, collier


Le costume comprend robe, manchettes, chapeau, chaussettes, jupon, collier. Il est fait de tissu uniforme.
Jun 05 2017
I have to say as a first time buyer, I am highly impressed. I was skeptical at first due to other online reviews about the website; however, those negative reviews were crushed! I decided to post pictures of everything out of the box rather than a picture where things can be altered and edited to show the items as is. I bought a women's medium, and I am 5'2 and 36 bust D cup, so the dress fit just fine in the bust area, and was long enough, once I put the dress on. The material of the dress is very thick, and I know it will hold up well for multiple occasions. The material is the same for the arm pieces and hat. I will say the top decor of the hat will probably need some extra support, but I am hoping some time out of a box will help hold the shape better. The sock/stocking is a very thick, over the knee sock, which works well since the top of the sock holds up well. The arm bands have a sewn in elastic at the top to hold the arm pieces up. I find they are a bit tight, but that works perfectly to stay in place. The necklace seems to be made out of a hard plastic, and it did not break when my two year old son threw it across the living room, so yeah, really good quality! The petticoat is round, not square as in the pictures on the sight, but that is okay since it seems the pictures with the dress over the petticoat seems rounded anyway. Odd that they picture a square one with the picture collage. My wig review will be on the wig's page. Shipping was wonderful. I got the entire outfit in an Amazon box, and I have to say I was highly impressed with shipping time. I ordered late on May 30, the package went out on June 1, and I received it today, June 5. I had read negative reviews about getting their costumes a month or two later, and some never received them at all, but I have to say that did not happen. I received my package in less than week from processing day. Overall, I am very impressed and will be ordering from this site again. Definitely worth the money! Great quality, overall.
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tour de poitrine34/8736/9238/9740/102
tour de taille27/6929/7433/8434/87
tour de hanche36/9238/9740/10242/107



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