Here, cosplay costumes for Sailor Moon are briefly introduced to you. Certainly, these attire are considered to be special designs in the fashion industry. However, most of them can be worn for daily commutation, like the white and pink costume, costume for Serena Tsukino and Raye Hino. Smart colors are applied on luxurious fabrics. You will feel incredibly comfortable whether you wear them for a cosplay show or everyday work. You are fortunate to be led here. Sailor Moon Cosplay Costumes offered by us cover 100% similarities. They make your fantasy come true instantly.

Almost all roles are covered here, including Serena Tsukino, Sailor Merkur, Raye Hino, Mina Aino, Messiah of Silence, Luna Human, Lita Kino and Sailor Neptune. All girls bring out rather modern looks. All body skirts are crafted from a white shirt with a skirt in another color. A cute bowknot is tied both around the collar and on the back waist. Each aspect is focused by us. So the gloves are certainly not neglected. Among all colors, the purple dress for Messiah of Silence capture most eyeballs. It is more exaggerating than others. The red & big bowknot on the back perfectly matches the entire artistic look. To pair with the purple look, a pair of black long boots is selected by today’s cosplay lovers. Spend minutes here; you will find content costume in this collection.

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