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  • Wednesday Addams Cosplay Wig Long Straight Wig
  • Wednesday Derivative Sexy Swimsuit Striped Bathing Suit Lace Up One-piece Swimwear
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  • Wednesday Addams Cosplay Costume Long Party Formal Dress with Belts
  • Wednesday Derivative Sexy Swimsuit Striped Bathing Suit Lace Up One-piece Swimwear
Regular price: $69.98
Bundle price: $69.39
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Product Detail

polyester, mesh fabric
Included Items:
one piece swimsuit, badge


Note: Swimwear products have exclusive tags. After the tag is removed, thr product cannot be returned or exchanged. Swimwear products are personal clothing and cannot be returned or exchanged after use. The swimsuit is so close to the skin, please wear underwear when trying it, or otherwise it cannot be returned or exchanged. Swimwear is provided with Protective Hygienic/Hygienic Panty Swimwear Liner, and if the liner is ripped, the swimwear cannot be returned or exchanged. The coverup, made of gauzy material, may tear easily if you're not careful, so please do not place it near or on sharp objects! We suggest washing it by hand without using chemicals and without drying.
Wash Care Instructions:
1. No machine washing
2. No ironing
3. No bleaching
4. Hang drying
5. No dry cleaning
6. Do not use dryer
Washing Precautions:
1. The swimwear can be washed in cold or warm water. Please do not soak and wash it in high temperature water.
2. Please do not use detergent, disinfectant, or other chemical cleaners to wash the swimwear. Soap is recommended.
3. The possible chemicals or seawater in pools may discolor or deform the swimwear, so please wash your swimwear immediately after use and dry it in a cool place. Please do not expose it to the sun.
4. Wet swimwear may easily dye other clothes, so please wash your swimwear separately and do not mix it with other clothes.
1. Please do not place the swimwear on objects with rough surfaces, such as stones.
2. Chemical agents and sunscreen products may reduce the elasticity of the swimwear, so we suggest applying sunscreen products after the swimwear is put on. If you just have exercised, we suggest taking a shower before wearing it.
3. High temperature may easily discolor the swimwear, so we do not suggest putting this swimwear in a closed bag or in the trunk of a car. We also suggest washing the swimwear with clean water as soon as possible after use.
Sep 21 2023
huge fan of Wednesday!so I had to get the swimsuit for the cosplay! fits perfectly! thank you so much!
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