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  • Avatar Suki Women Kyoshi Warrior Outfit Suit Cosplay Costume with Handguard and Headwear
  • Avatar Suki Short Cosplay Wig
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woolen cloth for uniform, PU, venetian
Included Items:
headwear*1, shirt*1, suit of armour*1, handguard*1, front dress armour set*1, rear dress armour set*1, glove*2, dress*1


  • Costume includes: headwear*1, shirt*1, suit of armour*1, handguard*1, front dress armour set*1, rear dress armour set*1, glove*2, dress*1. 
  • Material: woolen cloth for uniform, PU, venetian. 
  • Design detials: The armour adopts cotton at the chest side, while no cotton at the waist, which enables the lines to be more obvious and highlight the waistline. Consisted of the front and rear part, the dress armour can be dressed on more conveniently and reduce the limitation of waist movement. The chest armour can be dissembled on the shoulder side, which convenience for sending and storing.
Feb 21 2021
Suki was an interesting challenge. The make-up, the wig, the whole design… Everything must be impressive. This store made very good choice on the colors and i really wanted to see it on live! And now I'm fascinated with this cosplay! This cosplay is VERY complete. Everything is made with woolen cloth for uniform, PU Leather and venetian. And It was a perfect choice. The top and the skirt are made with the uniform cloth. It's very light, it's perfect for give the different forms that have the original design, specially for the sleeves (That fluffiness is killing me!) and the flight of the skirt. PU leather goes for little details of the sleeves, the headpiece (with two different golden fabrics), the arm pieces and all the armor pieces (The chest, shoulder and the waist ones). Most of it is attached with elastic bands or fabric stripes that you have to knot. The only different part are arm pieces, those are attached with velcro. It's incredible how accurate they match together, I love all the golden pieces and how well everything is sewed. Seams are strong and very uniform. It’s VERY important get the correct size because the top must be stretchy like the character. That's also very useful to wear the armor pieces above and give it the forms that the character has. The skirt has a lot fabric and it's very fluffy! And it's very easy to wear (It goes with elastic stripes), not very warm and very confortable. It's also nice to wash and i didn't have any problem ironing.
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