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  • My Hero Academia Froppy Tsuyu Asui Cosplay Bodysuit Jumpsuit Costume Hero Suit
  • Cute Strappy Swimsuit for Bathing Color Contrast One-Piece Bathing Suit High Cut Swimwear
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  • My Hero Academia Tsuyu Asui Long Dark Green Cosplay Wig
  • Cute Strappy Swimsuit for Bathing Color Contrast One-Piece Bathing Suit High Cut Swimwear
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Product Detail

swimsuit fabric
Included Items:


  • Costume Includes: monokini.
  • Material: swimsuit fabric.
  • Design Details: The bathing suit is inspired by character Tsuyu Asui. The printed images and colors are similar with her bodysuit. Quality swimsuit fabric is selected to make this swimsuit. On the shoulders, there are straps designed as highlights. Thanks to the design, the whole set looks cute and lively. The costume is made of swimsuit fabric and suitable for all swimming occasions. The costume is with pads which cannot be detached.
  • Attention: Swimwear products have exclusive tags (on the crotch of the clothing). After the tag is removed, the product cannot be returned or exchanged.
    Swimwear products are personal clothing and cannot be returned or exchanged after use
    Swimwear products cannot be returned after use.
  • The swimming suits belong to underwear, so please wear shorts when you try on, otherwise the swimming suits can’t be returned or exchanged if the question appears.
  • All the swimming suits are with Protective Hygienic/Hygienic Panty Swimwear Liner, and the swimming suits can’t be returned or exchanged if ripped the liner.
  • Wash Care Instructions:
            Not machine washable
            Do not iron
            Do not bleach
            Hang to dry
            No dry cleaning
            No dryer
  • Washing precautions:
1.The swimsuit can only be washed in warm water, not soaked and washed in high temperature water.
2. Do not use detergent, disinfectant, or other chemical cleaners to wash swimsuits, but you can wash it by soap.
3. There may be chemicals or seawater in the pool which could cause the swimsuit to fade or deform. Please wash your swimsuit immediately after use and dry it in a cool place. Please do not expose the swimsuit to the sun to dry.
4. When the swimsuit is wet, it is very easy to dye it with other clothes. Please wash different color swimsuits separately.
  • Advice:
1. Please keep away from objects with rough surfaces such as stones.
2. Chemical agents and sunscreen products reduce the elasticity of swimsuits. Please apply sunscreen after putting on your swimsuit. Please take a shower after exercise before wearing a swimsuit.
3. Please do not put your swimsuit in a closed bag or in the trunk of a car. High temperatures can easily discolor swimsuits. Please wash the swimsuit with clean water as soon as possible after using the swimsuit.
®Haikyuu authorizes the sale of swimming suits on our website and APP.
Aug 08 2021
These swimsuit is just amazing! Colors are so pretty and it's really comfortable. Also is stretchy enough and it make nice figure! <3
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Size Chart

Women Cosplay Costume Size Chart (inch/cm)
Cup Size30D/32B/32C/34A32D/34B/34C/36A34D/36B/36C/38A36D/38B/38C/40A
Back Length18.9/48.119.4/49.319.8/50.520.3/51.7
Front Length24.3/61.824.9/63.325.5/64.826.1/66.3

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